It’s Okay To Be Selfish and Selfless

I realized that it’s okay to be both when it comes to worrying about your future. There are ways to monetize your craft and then turn around to donate said money.

For three years, I ended up growing my hair.

I went from shaving it on December 31, 2015 and not getting another real haircut for almost three years. THREE YEARS!

So let me get back to the title: “It’s Okay To Be Selfish and Selfless”.

After a year and a half growing my hair – which was at approximately 10 inches from my scalp – I decided the best thing to do was to grow it out to to the required length and donate it. I knew there were people who were fighting cancer and losing their hair due to the treatments. While fighting cancer, these families are also in the financial struggle of their lives.

Pantene, who does not charge for their wigs, was only accepting donations through December 31, 2018, so I knew time was of the essence when it came to wanting to get my hair cut, donate it, and get it shipped in time.

I previously had joked with friends and said I would Facebook Live it, which I had never done to that point. Turning down the Facebook Live request, I thought that I would just want to get as much video as possible of the occasion. When I got to the salon, the manager said she’d take the video for me.

So she took one angle and I got the other.

I’ve been wanting to build my Final Cut Pro X skills, while also doing some good in donating my hair.

What better way than to make a video about my donation?

Take a look and enjoy the video! I am open to feedback, so please send some if you have any.

Editor’s note: I know the first part of the video isn’t 100% clear, but I wasn’t sure how to fix that.