24-Hour News Cycle? That’s a thing of the past. It’s important to stay updated.

We used to only get our news from the newspaper or on TV. It was a culture any story that was relevant one day was already “yesterday’s news” a day later. TV-stations had something to talk about for 24 hours and then it was another topic the next day to entice the viewers to stay.

There are exceptions to this rule: any natural disaster or national tragedy. I remember that as a high schooler, for almost three straight weeks post-9/11, the news was all about the tragedy and how America will heal.

Well, a 24-hour news cycle is yesterday’s news.

In a world of Twitter, where news is legitimately coming out every second, 24 hours seems like an eternity. There are some journalists who work very long and hard on different stories, but when it comes to any actual breaking news, which usually comes with the hashtag #BreakingNews, stories are broken and updated throughout the day.

Three weeks ago, I decided to create my WordPress and be more active on my LinkedIn. I was very active on it for the first week or so, but then I always found reasons to not write, post, or work on the website. In the age of social media, the longer you don’t post, the more you become irrelevant.

Now people might go “Oh, well, I don’t post that often, so when I do, it’s really important.” That might work on Facebook, where you’re not going to see every single one of your contact’s posts as it is. The infrequent Facebook posters usually will post about engagements, weddings, or births.

If you’re on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even your own website and you’re not updating on a semi-consistent basis, you’re going to get lost in the internet abyss.

Is that something you’re willing to chance?

I’m here to say that I’m back and want to make sure you know it. I will definitely try and post SOMETHING once every other day.

Stay updated.

Stay relevant

Stay connected

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