WordPress has asked me to share my story here. Well here it goes…

In started on a late fall evening in 1984, the Detroit Tigers had just won the World Series and… wait a minute, you don’t want to read about that, you already knew my past.

I just signed my first lease for an apartment in 10 years. I am completely ecstatic to move on Saturday.

Well, today is Wednesday and there’s been nothing but storms in the Philadelphia region for the last two days. And these storms have been severe. So severe that we’ve been given tornado warnings.

I’m currently typing this on a Septa train that hasn’t moved in 40 min due to flooding. Thank goodness for my iPad and Netflix, as I’ve been giving The Office a try (I’m finishing Season 4). Apparently the rails are so flooded that no train can come or go.

Me waiting for the train to move (note: not actually me)

Being stuck for 45 min, they just told us line is suspended. Like a high school freshman, I have to call my parents, correction, brother-in-law, to come pick me up so I can get my car.

Welp, things could’ve been worse. I had a snack, some water, some entertainment, and some AC.

But this apartment is looking more beautiful by the day!

I feel like Mr. A-Z right now.