Our Attention Spans are…Squirrel!

If you haven’t seen the movie Up, then the headline doesn’t make any sense to you. But I digress…

I’ve mentioned before that the 24-hour news cycle is a thing of the past, but it seems like social media challenges and fads are lasting even less than that.

Yesterday, FaceApp took over social media. Everywhere I turned, I saw my friends, family members, and countless celebrities aging themselves to one extreme or the other. I personally thought it was a Snapchat filter (since they have a ton as it is), and I ended up fooling around there for a good 15 minutes. You know what the most interesting part is? The app has been around for over two years now.

Jonas Brothers still touring in 3000

I mean, we’ve all pictured in our minds what we’ll look like in 40-50 years, even taking mental images of what our parents and grandparents looked like, but the app did the work for us. AI, or artificial intelligence (and no, I don’t mean the movie starring Sixth Sense‘s Haley Joel Osment) is doing a lot of the work with the app.

I’ll be honest, I downloaded the app around 6:00 last night (as evident by the cover photo) but once I heard about the Russians developing the app and all the cybersecurity issues we’ve had with them since before the 2016 Presidential Election, I quickly deleted it.

It was fun for the entire five hours it lasted but it’s now onto the next fad.

But our attention spans are really shorter than ever.

Just last week we had the #BottlecapChallenge taking the world by storm.

Don’t know what that is?

People would unscrew a bottle-cap 95% of the way (or so it seemed) and then they’d use anything and everything else besides their hands to get the cap off.

Here are some examples of the challenge.

via twitter.com/KyleSockwell
Via twitter.com/nhl via instagram.com/pyrkalator

Where it did come from? No one knows. Some were creative, for sure, but I guarantee a lot of beverages were spilled in its honor. But as quickly as it got here, it’s already gone.

Most people are doing this random stuff on Instagram and Twitter in hopes to go viral and get their 15-seconds of fame. But does it get them anything in return? Probably not but some bragging rights.

It seems like there’s a new fad out there daily.

Do we, as those who see it online, actually think about what people are doing, or we just so quickly to do the act, that we don’t actually think about what’s behind it.

Drake’s “In My Feelings Challenge” where people would be filmed driving a car, getting out while the car was in motion, and dancing. Granted it was mostly teenagers, but a lot of people still did it and put many people’s lives in danger. I mean, see below.

The Mannequin Challenge, the Bird Box Challenge, and countless other challenges and fads feel like ten years ago, but they’re all relatively recent.

This FaceApp fad will probably be over very soon, but if the Russian company who developed it, does take our photos and data and uses it against us, it will have been the most successful 24-hours in that company’s history.

Was it worth it? Only time will tell.

But I just won’t use that app again to see how this story ages.