Use Your Imagination

We all know cartoons aren’t real.

We all know TV shows and movies aren’t real.

We all know that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and the characters you meet at theme parks aren’t real either. (Spoiler alert if you’re under 13 and reading this).

And gasp, we all know that wrestling is scripted. I’m not going to say fake because the athleticism is real. It’s just the outcome that is predetermined.

Why then, are wrestling fans reminded that it isn’t “real”?

It’s just like any scripted show that’s filmed a month or two prior to air date except that it’s live and has the potential to go off script. We don’t sit in front of a cartoon telling ourselves, “I know this isn’t real but…”.

It’s important to escape for a couple hours and enjoy it for what it is.

Wrestling is a mixture of theater and athleticism. The men and women of the WWE, AEW, New Japan, Ring of Honor, etc. are in the gym 6-7 days a week while also touring and performing several times a week. Most are in the best shape of their life and are constantly refining their skills in the ring and on the microphone. That’s why some of them can easily make the transition to Hollywood, like The Rock and John Cena.

The amount of people who go to any Disney, Universal, or Sea World theme park and tell their kids “oh, it’s just a guy or girl in a costume” is astronomical. Theme parks have the characters come out because they want the guests to be able to see their favorite character in person, not on screen.

Most people in Philadelphia know that the Phillie Phanatic (Phillies mascot)’s best friend is named Tom. They don’t go up to the Phanatic yelling “Tom!”. They yell “Phanatic” because character means a lot to the city. They take the picture and hug the Phanatic because how could you not?

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Enjoy the entertainment right in front of you.

Don’t tell others what you see is fake.

Escape reality for a bit.

Use your imagination.