Troy Aikman is Right. Who Are We To Judge.

Breaking News: I was a Dallas Cowboys fan growing up.

I’ve never not admitted that.

Most people know that I was born outside of Dallas but grew up outside Philadelphia, PA.

Well as we started trying to figure out on our own who our favorite teams were, I thought my team should’ve Cowboys. I mean, I’m from there, so that makes sense, right?

I wore a Cowboys sweatshirt for my yearbook pictures and even got one of the nifty Cowboy Starter overhead jackets. I’m not going to lie, it didn’t hurt that they were winning the Super Bowls around then. As a kid, I was in Heaven! The first NFL jersey I owned was a Troy Aikman jersey in elementary school.

As America’s Team, they were hated outside Dallas. Well, except for the bandwagon Lakers and Yankees fans who liked the Cowboys too.

In 1998/99, I really became a fan of both Cowboys AND the Eagles (which is unheard of). Over the next 4 years or so, I happened to become strictly an Eagles fan, especially hating everything about the Cowboys. I liked Jimmy Johnson, but hated how they kicked him out.

But I digress…

On Saturday night, Andrew Luck announced his retirement from football. Most people, well those who are fans of the Colts or drafted Andrew Luck in fantasy football were in complete shock.

Andrew has had more injuries in his career than most have in their lifetime. He was drafted number one overall in 2012 by the Indianapolis Colts, who lost Peyton Manning to a neck injury a year prior and gave them the worst record. Add in the fact that he missed the entire season only two season ago, Luck has dealt with a lot of pain and rehab. Even the most superhuman human can only take so much.

Well, Doug Gottlieb, who’s career involved him getting kicked out of Notre Dame for stealing and using his roommate’s credit cards, decided to add his own two cents on Twitter.

It was not viewed favorably, as well it shouldn’t. I mean, millennials already get the short-end of the stick and are ridiculed for just the change in times.

But from the looks of it, everyone and their mother responded.

Almost 33,000 people responded, with 1.9 thousand “likes” and 10,000 RTs.

My favorite response was, by none other than Captain of America’s Team, and the Color Analyst of the #1 crew on Fox, but Troy Aikman.

Who are we to judge why someone retires? As a fan, we know we feel cheated. But in the end, it’s the player’s choice for leaving the game. Most would rather leave the game on their own terms than get forced out.

I don’t always agree that sports analysts should go after one another, but sometimes when they’re ridiculing someone for retiring for their health, it’s a horrible take. Luckily, they’re on the same network, so it wasn’t bringing too much light to other stations.

If I could’ve given Troy a standing ovation on Twitter, I would’ve.

For the love of the game. If there’s no love, there’s no game.

Oh and for the record: I only bleed Eagles Midnight and Kelly Green (football-wise)