The Time I Met Rhys Hoskins

“I hate being that guy” was the first thing I said to Rhys Hoskins on the streets of Philadelphia yesterday as I asked for his picture.

Rhys just finished an hour’s long appearance at the T-Mobile on Market Street yesterday as I walked across the street to start my lunch break.

I thought to myself “there’s Rhys. Where’s his security?”

He didn’t have any. He had his razor scooter he was using as his transportation.

He was talking to someone just after his appearance and I didn’t want to interrupt. I waited awkwardly until he was done talking. He was gracious, said “no problem” and then scootered away.

You might be asking yourself why I said I didn’t want to be “that guy”.

Well, as much as I enjoy celebrities and athletes, I know they value their time off too and I hate intruding.

Earlier this year, I walked into Claude Giroux and his wife, Ryanne, walking around Rittenhouse. I walked into JJ Watt and his now fiance, Kealia Ohai on the streets of Philadelphia.

Rather than run up and asking for their pictures or their autographs, I could only muster up a “hey, good game” or “congrats on a good season.”

Who am I to stop them when they’re trying to enjoy the time with their spouses?

Now, I used to work for Disney, where celebrities walking around the park were as common as a Mickey ice-cream bar. I met celebrities like Mick Foley, Brittany Curran, Teddy Geiger, and several Orlando Magic players.

Back in Philadelphia, I’ve worked at BB&T Pavilion and for the Philadelphia Eagles as event day staff, where musicians, celebrities, and other athletes are walking around as “normal” people. Part of it is because of the rules set-forth by management, but it’s also something I’ve believed in myself.

If anyone says hi to me, I’ll absolutely reciprocate.

I have seen Jason Segel filming his AMC series around Philly but haven’t gone up to him yet. I did see John Middleton twice around Philly, thanking him for getting Bryce Harper both times.

So why ask Rhys for a picture? Honestly. I’m not sure.

I just hate being that guy.

If these guys are in uniform or if I see others getting autographs near a set, game on.

What about you? What are your thoughts on seeing celebrities on the street?