Rest in Peace

People live and die everyday. It’s a fact that some aren’t willing to face.

However, some die far too soon.

Last night, my cousin, Alison, took her final breath. Just two and a half weeks shy of her 39th.

She fought a long, hard battle with leukemia and through everything, she cared about others and did everything in her power to beat cancer.

She was my cousin through marriage but felt more like blood.

Being four years older than me, she always made me feel older and not one of the young ones in the family.

Please keep her family, extended family, and friends in your thoughts. 

Now speaking directly to Alison:

I enjoyed our times going to the midnight showings at the movies. Even if I was in high school, you, Mike and I became closer through these times.

I’ve enjoyed watching Olivia and Alexis grow into the amazing girls / women they are.

I loved seeing the special bond you and Mike had and continue to grow closer over time. 

I loved your smile and our laughs as we had plenty of family holiday dinners or BBQs.

And I can say, with most-certainty, that you are the only one in our family that was able to out-Disney me. 

I know I’m missing some great stories we had but I was grateful for every single moment.

You’re no longer in pain. 

I love and will miss you, Al. 

Rest in peace.

Alison and I at a family BBQ in 2010