Antonio Brown’s Life: No More Games. A Friday Night Light’s Special Of Sorts.

Update # 3: He’s signing with the Patriots.

Of course, he is. Alerts came out late Saturday afternoon that he’s joining the New England Patriots on a 1-year deal worth $15 million dollars, $10 million guaranteed and the rest worth incentives.


Update # 2: He’s released

Update #1: He’s fined and wants to be released

Saturday, it was announced that Mike Mayock, GM of the Raiders fined Antonio Brown $215,000 (!!!) for conduct detrimental to the team. That fine voided his $29 million dollar guaranteed contract.

Pretty recently, AB posted this on his instagram.


Ever since Antonio Brown pulled his antics at the end of his tenure in Pittsburgh, it really has been about AB.

He dyed his mustache and gave up on his team in their most critical game, Week 17. As a 6th-round draft pick out of Central Michigan, he became one of the league’s best wide-receivers.

Pittsburgh ended up trading him to Oakland this offseason.

The Oakland Raiders had HBO’s “Hard Knocks” and man has it been entertaining. But most of the drama hasn’t been with the team, but with AB himself.

Frostbite on his feet and not getting a new helmet like everyone else in the league, it’s not always about AB. It’s ONLY about AB.

When it seemed like the Raiders were going to suspend him for Week 1, they came out today in full support of him and hoping to put everything in the past.

Tonight, he released a video on YouTube, which has a recorded call between him and his coach, Jon Gruden. California’s law on wiretapping, well recorded calls, states that both parties must be aware that the call is being recorded.

I doubt AB told him. I also doubt Gruden knew AB was going to put it into his own hype video.

Well… what do you think? Watch for yourself.