(Almost) Free Dunkin’ Coffee When The Eagles Win!

When the Philadelphia Eagles play, you can get a medium hot or iced coffee for only $1.00 (plus tax) when you pay using the Dunkin’ app aka DD Perks. If you’re not a DD Perks member, you can sign up on the app and it’s free to use (except for whatever money you put on the card). (Note: You must be in the Delaware Valley for the reward to load)

That not enough?

The day after a win, you can get the same thing.

So realistically, within 48 hours, you could get 48 ounces of iced coffee for $2.00. That’s less than the price of one! And every time you spend money at Dunkin’, it earns you points to get a free drink!

Now you might complain… “but it used to be free!”

A couple years ago, Dunkin’ Donuts got into the social media sphere when they had a Facebook integration app that allowed people to download coupons to print. Then as smartphones got smarter and they built a Dunkin’ Donuts app, they stopped the printing and moved everything to the phone. It was free for a couple years.

So yeah, it used to be free but it’s only $1.00 but if you’re in the mood for an iced coffee, $1.00 won’t break the bank. Though it’s also much cheaper than the other coffee places and I don’t see them partnering with the Eagles…

What: $1.00 medium hot or iced coffee.

When: The entire 2019-2020 Philadelphia Eagles Season

Where: All participating Delaware Valley Dunkin’ locations

How: Pay using the DD Perks app (one limit per app)

Extra: Most Dunkin’s will have Eagles themed donuts!

Note: If you’re reading this and not in the Philadelphia region, check to see if your local NFL team has the same partnership with Dunkin’!

#FlyEaglesFly #EaglesRunOnDunkin