Philadelphia Flyers Hype Video: Time to Fly or Die.

I think one of the best things before the season in any sport is the time and effort the digital department spends on coming up with their hype video.

The Philadelphia Flyers did a great job making this year’s hype video as the preseason heats up. It has a little bit of everything.

Each year, every team wants to step it up and come up with their new marketing plan and stand out from the other 120ish professional sports teams.

It’s not an easy thing to do.

It takes one word, one phrase, one moment from a previous year to make the marketing department to go “bingo! That’s it!”.



What initially was deemed a flop turned into marketing gold. Gritty was EVERYWHERE last year and it turned out to be amazing. And people were actually getting Gritty tattooed on their bodies.

Philadelphia has a bunch of diehard fans who travel to see their teams, and the Flyers showcased that this year.

People may not be 100% thrilled with their strategy on and off the ice lately, but most fans will still support and still be vocal.

New coach. New video. New logo at center ice.

Maybe it’s a new attitude and direction?

I’m just excited to see them play in Europe!

What are your thoughts? Share below!

Watch the video below!

via Flyers Twitter

Header image courtesy of Philadelphia Flyers Facebook page