Find What Works Best

Heraclitus once said “change is the only constant in life”

Everything in life is a learning experience.

As humans, we normally don’t stay on the straight path despite everything that goes on in our lives, blocking lasers like Wonder Woman as we go through life. We change, ever-so-slightly from our experiences, both positive and negative.

In business, we learn from our mistakes.

Same thing can be said for my website.

I’m learning to post at different times because of traffic, I’m learning what people are excited to read, and in turn, not reading, and I’m also learning about the look and feel.

What looks good to me may not look good to everyone and that’s okay. But at the same time, I can’t be naïve and not even make slight changes.

I’ve tinkered with this site, the look, and the format multiple times a week in order to find what works best.

Originally, my homepage said my site is always changing, but then I deleted it because I realized most people understand that websites are ever-changing.

I’m also learning not to just write and post. This isn’t necessarily a Facebook post or tweet, so it’s important to read, proofread, and edit before clicking “publish”.

It’s important to stay relevant.

It’s important to stay up with the times.

It’s important to be flexible without losing who you are.

What are your thoughts? Share below!