ReWriting Wellness: How The Creative Collective Is Opening Up Your Mind In A Healthy Way

I told myself I was going to step out of my comfort zone and last week I did just that.

I went to an event to write.

“An event to write?” you might be asking yourself.

Yes, an event to write.

I went to an event where I was given prompts and I was told to write about anything associated with the word or phrase. I didn’t even need to think about writing coherently, it was just pen to paper until the music stopped.

Hava Rose, creator of The Creative Collective, set up shop with some coconut water, some snacks, and a comfortable setting of pillows, chairs, and a comfortable rug. It honestly felt very zen.

The Creative Collective’s message is “Finding Unity in Individuality”. At this event, there were approximately ten people, most of whom did not know one another before the event. There were a couple repeat attendees, but most of the group was new.

We went around the room, introduced ourselves, and had a nice discussion about the topic of the night before writing.

I was nominated to introduce myself first by Hava’s dog, who enjoyed spending more time with me than with the other humans.

There were four writing sections, each lasting a couple minutes. If you wanted to share your thoughts, you could’ve. If you didn’t want to, you didn’t have to. No judgements. No side-eyes.

Some of the prompts made the writers have an “a-ha” or a “woah” moment that opened their eyes to something they may not have realized. Not one person had the same responses to the prompts, but there were quite a few head nods that showed some people did feel the same way.

The entire event was about 90 min and ended like the boat scene in Tangled with the lanterns but we did it with rolled up wax paper with a phrase we wanted to release from that night.

This was the Creative Collection’s first event sans meal, but don’t worry, there are more events where it came from.

Her next event is this Saturday, September 21st at 11am, which includes a writing session and a plant-based breakfast and is only $33!

I’m glad I went. You won’t regret it either.

You can purchase tickets by clicking here.

About Hava Rose

Hava is a chiropractor who loves writing. She has been most recently been interviewed on the Catching Z’s podcast. She is always looking for new clients for her chiropractic practice, where she does office AND home visits.

She also has a candid YouTube video interview about herself, where she opens up about life and what led to her developing Namaste Nourish and the Creative Collective.

Check out her Link Tree site here or follow her instagram account here.

You can listen to her podcast or watch her candid video below.