Xfinity Restores The Ability To Set Your DVR From Anywhere

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With so many weekly episodic shows and the ability of On-Demand at the tips of our fingers, there are moments where you want to set the DVR when you’re away from your tv.

Two years ago, Comcast-Xfinity lost the battle with TiVO, which meant that Xfinity had to get rid of the function that allowed you to set your DVR remotely. You could see what’s on, but you couldn’t use your device to set up a recording. I know, I know… a first world problem.

I’ll be perfectly honest when I say I was sad when that ruling came down because I enjoyed that function quite a bit. You had to hope someone else was at your place to set the DVR for you.

Two years later, and it’s back.

I noticed it while I was in Europe and forgot to set a recording of a show that was going to air while I was away. I was surprised to see that I could just hit the “record” function on the app.

I then received an email and noticed Xfinity started emailing customers to let them know of the change. They made it seem like it was a new thing to the platform.

How does it work?

When you use the Xfinity Stream or Xfinity Stream TV apps or do it from, you’re able to record, watch, and even delete your favorite shows straight from your device. You click on the show you want to watch or record, you click “record, and then can then click “record episode” or “record series”. ( See below)

It’s something minute but it’s a game-changer for me. Let’s just hope Xfinity stays on the up-and-up this time.