I’m Starting A Podcast – My First Job

Yep. I’m starting a podcast.

In my almost 35 years of life, I’ve been working for almost 2/3 of them. Obviously, most of them were hourly jobs, but as they say “you never forget your first.”

I wanted to start a podcast because I have a lot to say about a lot of subjects. Sometimes people will agree with your views and sometimes they won’t. It’s what makes the world go round (well, not really but you get the picture)

But we all have something in common: jobs. More specifically, we all had a first job.

Some are interesting. Some are boring. Some will make your jaw drop. Some will make you go “oh, me too!”. But we all have a story on where we worked and how we got into the working field.

Did their first job lead to their career?

Is there a first job they wanted but didn’t get hired for?

Listen and find out.

First episode will be dropping soon!

If you want to join me on an episode, be sure to contact me!