FREE TACO(s) is MLB and Taco Bell’s Treat For America This Halloween

No, you’re not reading that wrong.

On Wednesday, October 30th, Taco Bell is giving away one free Dorito Locos Taco from 2pm-6pm. If you use the app, you can redeem it anytime all day.

You might be asking why.

Who am I kidding? Who questions free food?

Well, I’ll tell you anyway.

Taco Bell has partnered with Major League Baseball the last several years for the World Series. It’s probably the easiest win-win for all parties.

Someone steals a base. Yes, ONE base, through a minimum of four games, and everyone gets a free taco. No purchase is necessary (though Taco Bell would prefer you spend at least some money on something else).

Well during Game One on Tuesday, in the top of the first inning, Trea Turner stole a base.

And just like that, promotion is activated.

But you might be asking yourself, “But Mike, why did you put the “s” in parenthesis?”.

Well, while it is one per customer, there’s more than one Taco Bell in your area, so if you want to take advantage, happy hunting!

All I know is that on Wednesday, I will be saying “yo quiero, Taco Bell.”