A Senseless Tragedy Hits Home

Late Wednesday afternoon, Jill Millman was found murdered in her house.

She was found with multiple stab wounds in the back by her mom.

At only 35, she had an entire life to live, and was an aspiring chef.

Via 6abc

“You hear on the news all the time until it happens to you, you don’t understand and last night it happened to us,” said Jill’s stepfather Bob Rubenstein. The family said they are trying to make sense of it all, thinking maybe someone misunderstood Jill’s personality. “Jill was on the spectrum. Jill had autism and she had some other developmental delays and sometimes people with autism…a lot of people don’t understand,” Weinstein-Rubenstein said. Jill still pursued her dreams and worked as a prep cook at The Dining Car on Frankford Avenue.


But this story hits home to me and my family.

While I personally did not know Jill, her stepfather is a childhood friend of my Dad’s.

This is a guy my Dad talks to all the time and continue to see.

This is a senseless tragedy and we hope her killer is caught and brought to justice

RIP Jill.

Please consider donating to their GoFundMe page by clicking the link to help with the unexpected funeral costs.


Literally minutes after I posted this, I got the alert via 6abc’s app.

Via 6abc

Sources told Action News 30-year-old Arthur Caesar has been arrested in the death of Jill Millman. Police believe the two were in a relationship.


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