Who would you rather help save money: You or your family/friends? Disney is allowing its Cast Members to decide.

A perk is a perk is a perk and companies don’t necessarily have to offer anything extra to their employees – but that would make everyone unhappy. So instead of using the word “force”, I chose “allow”, because it still is a perk.

Disney+, Disney’s streaming service, goes live on Tuesday.

D23 and other Disney programs, offered discounts to customers if they paid upfront for a year or longer, Verizon is offering Disney+ free for the first year, and in 2020, Disney Theme Parks are offering Disney+ free if you’re a Cast Member. Cast Members can also get Hulu and ESPN+ as part of that package

But there’s a catch: You must give up the option of getting friends and family into the park for free.

Well, the triple package is enticing, as it is $12.99, so over a year, YOU‘re saying $155.

While more limited than before, Disney goes give comp tickets and Main Gates to their cast members to help get some friends and family of Cast Members into the parks. The Cast Member is still supposed to stay with their guest and are “responsible” for their actions in the park.

But a one day park hopper at Disney, when not blocked out, is $109. When friends and family come to visit, they may be spending multiple days in the parks or just want to spend sometime in the park with you. Even if you only get two passes, it already surpasses the monetary value of Disney+.

So would you rather save $150/year for a full package of a streaming service, or help save your friends or family money when they come down to meet you.

From what I’ve seen and read, even if you chose the Disney+ bundle, you still might get a couple comp’d tickets.

I know how some current cast members feel, but I used to work there.

As someone who’s never worked there, which option would you choose if given the option?

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