Tonight’s Final Jeopardy Response Will Leave You In Tears

It’s no secret that Alex Trebek is battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer since he announced it in March.

Earlier this summer, Alex sent out, via the Jeopardy Twitter account, that his cancer was in remission.

Then back in September, the cancer came back and it has taken a lot out of Alex.

We know cancer can kick the crap out of you, but it’s remarkable how Alex just doesn’t show it on tv.

Tonight, during Final Jeopardy, contestant Dhruv Gaur answered, well technically questioned, something we all felt. Instead of an actual response, he wrote “We ❤️ you Alex!”.

You can hear how choked up he felt when telling Dhruv he was left with $5.

It doesn’t matter what the actual answer was. Dhruv telling Alex how he (we) all felt, was the only answer.

This likely was filmed around his next round of chemo.

Alex Trebek, Pat Sajak (who also just went under emergency surgery), and Vanna White have been welcomed into so many homes for 30+ years. Thousands of people have been on their shows, but millions watch and play along almost nightly.

We feel apart of their lives, even if we really, truly don’t know who they are as people outside of their on-screen persona.

Jeopardy has actually made us all smarter, well I know I am during Teen Jeopardy.

Well if you didn’t watch the episode tonight, watch the video below.

Dhruv then took to Twitter to explain his actions:

Screenshot via

Thank you, Dhruv, for saying what we’re all thinking.