When Thinking of Pie This Thanksgiving: Think Pizza Pie with Angelo’s Pizza.

If you’re a fan of Barstool Sports, you know their president, Dave Portnoy goes to every pizza joint he can find and does his own version of a taste test. It’s part of his One Bite Pizza Reviews, which is presented by Barstool Sports, and has amassed over 126,000 subscribers!

In the middle of November, Dave made his way back to Philadelphia for the New England Patriots game versus the Philadelphia Eagles at the Linc.

Earlier in the week, Dave stopped at Angelo’s Pizza, 736 S. 9th Street, for another test.

He buys one slice and then takes one bite and scores it live on video.

Well, the popular shop that opened up in January 2019, is consistently selling out their dough.

No freezer? No problem.

All their dough is fresh and chicken cutlets are breaded that morning.

They’re open 12-9 Tuesday through Sunday/

Once they sell out, they post on both their Instagram and their Twitter to let their customers know.

If you don’t want some pizza pie for Thanksgiving, be sure to check them out this weekend! But don’t wait dough…

Check out their social media above or look at their menu on their website here.

Cover photo via MICHAEL KLEIN / Philadelphia Inquirer Staff