My 2019 Review

First off, I want to thank every one of you who helped me get my website to places I never thought.

I’ve always been the type of person to say but never do. I’ve done the Blogspot posts and stopped. I’ve done the Xanga livejournal and stopped.

But early in 2019, I really wanted to make a website and actually go through with it.

Well, I did it.

And I’m still doing it.

Since February, I created 53 posts, had 961 visitors, and had 1,821 views.

Now, that may not seem like a lot but I created this on my own, created my own content, and didn’t put any money behind the site until only a month or so ago, while also maintaining a full time job.

A couple weeks ago, someone mentioned that I was doing quite a bit, to which I called myself a “Mike of All Trades”. Maybe that’s the direction I take with this website going forward. Maybe I focus on specific posts instead of all over the digital world.

But the best part of this site is seeing people interact, like, and comment on my posts, on here or the posts that end up on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

There is only one way to go with the website and that’s up. I am constantly learning new skills and enjoying what the digital world has to offer.

My only ask of those reading this is to share, interact more, and provide any sort of feedback you see fit.

My 2020 Vision:

I’m currently part of the Tribe 12 Fellowship program (info here) that helps businesses, ventures, and ideas grow into something bigger and better than they currently are. Companies that have partaken in this program include Schmear It and PiperWai. PiperWai even made its way on an episode of Shark Tank!

What does that mean for my website? I am looking to build upon my success here to help businesses grow their digital footprint, especially in the Jewish community, where some small companies and groups may not be doing all they can.

I’ve also loved creating the Facebook page and even creating a business Instagram profile, which allows for the insights normal Instagram users won’t see.

Using Google Analytics more than ever before has been amazing and insightful.

Now is the time to seize the day. I’m not necessarily calling this a resolution but a vision and a goal for 2020 and beyond.

Oh as Barbara Walters once said…