Who loves a free gift card?

Okay, now that I got your attention, I do want to help give a gift card away – 2020 style.

We’ve all seen the new way to get followers, shares, RTs, and likes:

  • Follow another account
  • Like the page
  • RT or share
  • tag one or more people
  • Winner will be announced xx/xx/2020

Well, I’d love to do that with one brand / company / business by using my business pages on Instagram and Facebook.

If you have a business, a company, or know some of someone trying to build their social pages and want to provide a little incentive via a gift card or any other free service, let me know.

As you all know I am working on building my business and my brand, so I am willing to post this for free in hopes to expand both of our businesses. I will do a blog post, social media post, and help pick a winner with you.

Fill out the form below and let’s get social!

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