Broad Street Run Lottery Now Open

For the 8th year now, the largest 10-mile run is a lottery system.

From February 1st to February 14th (yes, Valentine’s Day), you have the opportunity to sign up and try and claim your spot running with 40,000 of your closet friends down the heart of Philadelphia . It doesn’t matter if you sign up on the 1st or the 14th, you have the same chance.

This year’s date is May 3rd (always the first Sunday in May) and the price is $57.00. The race does start 30 minutes earlier though, this year at 7:30am.

This is hopefully my 9th time running Broad Street as my name will go into the ring. My first time running Broad Street was 2012 – the year before the lottery. I hadn’t even ran the Phillies 5k, which would end up being my first race that March, so going from 3.1 miles to 10 miles without “real” training, was a big jump.

2012’s website crashed after a couple hours and I ultimately bought a friend’s bib a month later. From 2013 on, I either won the lottery or bought the bib off of someone else.

Three of the last five years, I’ve either ran with a fundraising group or in memory of someone. This, in fact, does not take away from the lottery numbers. In 2016 and 2017, I ran in memory of Robert “Mr. Mass” Massaroni and Bensalem School District’s Shafer Middle School. Mr. Mass passed away in 2007 after just finishing the race. While Vicki Shaup and Bensalem were running the race prior to Mass’s death, they’ve been running in his memory and his honor since.

Last year, 2019, I ran with Emily’s Entourage, in honor of Emily, who is fighting cystic fibrosis. I helped raise $500 for her foundation. #TeamEE had a great time, despite the unpleasant weather.

Below are some pictures from my previous runs!

But what if I don’t win the lottery?

Don’t worry, we’re all waiting to win the millions

But in regard to the run, even if you didn’t make the lottery, there are plenty of ways to still run, especially for a good cause, with organizations like:

Just click on the specific links and register on the specific sites!

Whether you’re a professional runner or a novice, the Broad Street Run is one of the coolest runs as you run all through Philly and end up in the Navy Yard.

Hope to see you May 3rd – 92 days from now!

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