I Saw A Sign: A Unique Way To Find a Kidney Donor

Rae L’Heureux is living without a kidney.

Yep – you read that right. She does not have a kidney. She is currently on dialysis everyday and has a 9-hour ritual EVERY DAY to live without a kidney.

She’s been able to survive but it’s not the most ideal way to live.

While she hasn’t found a donor just yet, we can hope this works out.

I came “into the know” about kidney donation a couple years ago with an ex-girlfriend. Her dad was in dire need of a kidney and she, a very healthy, young adult, jumped up at the opportunity to donate her kidney to her dad when she knew they were a match. It did take some time to recover but she’s as healthy as can be right now. You only need one healthy working kidney to survive without dialysis.

Not too long ago, she came up with a way to find a donor: Putting a sign in the back of a car with a message and her phone number.

Rae, however, doesn’t have that luxury right now.

She needs a kidney and she needs it fast. Donating, in general, is a selfless gesture but saving a life is just unspeakably selfless and can never be repaid the same way.

Rae currently lives in Florida but if you or someone you know, is willing to part with a kidney and has a blood type of A+, A-, O+, or O-, it would mean the world to everyone that knows Rae.

Orlando’s Fox 35’s Heather Gustafson did a story on Rae. Video from the interview is below.

And for just a little background, I worked with Rae at Magic Kingdom’s Guest Relations department when I worked at Disney back in 2008. Between being a tour guide, a trainer, a hostess, and an adventure-seeker, Rae put Disney, the guests, and everyone else before her. She just wanted to better the world, even if it was just at Disney World.

Here’s to a kidney and a healthy 2020 and beyond for Rae!

Get more info about a living donation here.

More information about the National Kidney Foundation can be found here.

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