Where Am I Going? On A New (Ad)venture!

Happy anniversary to me!

Nope, I’m not married nor in a relationship.

Nope, I’m not sober (nor an alcoholic either).

Nope, not an actual work anniversary, which would’ve been a couple weeks ago but that’s neither here nor there.

It’s been ONE year since I actually decided to jump in and make my website. It’s been one year since I actually decided to follow through on writing about things going on, my thoughts, my fundraisers, or whatever else popped into my brain. It’s been one year since I really decided to take as more control of my life and my destination.

But what does any of this actually mean?

It means I’m doing something that I love and want to help others.

I means I’m learning more about myself and the digital world than ever before.

Back in 2006, I ran for a position in Greek life board at Temple. I remember telling everyone that we should utilize Facebook more and more because it was where the communication was growing the fastest.

Their response was “Saks, you’re too obsessed with Facebook.”

Welp, 14 years later, Facebook, and social media in general, has been a staple in everyday culture, news, information, and selling.

Every company, regardless of size, needs a place in the digital world to keep up with the masses, and sell their product, stay in touch with clients, or a way to engage with fans.

Am I a little too obsessed with social media? Sometimes. But now, I want to do it for a career and inform the masses.

I went to my first “info session” at the beginning of January and got some great insights on some tools for using social media as a brand / business. Some tools I have been using for a while and others I haven’t. But I left knowing a lot more than when I came in.

I’ve never gone to a conference for a job before and I want to, despite some people saying they can be overrated.

One thing that I’ve prided myself on for years is that I’m a lifelong learner. (Trust me, my student loans know this firsthand)

That’s why I’m currently enrolled in the Tribe 12 Fellowship, which helps businesses and ventures in the Jewish community get off the ground and from an idea to reality.

I am in the process of creating a business that helps small businesses find their footprint in this digital world.

My Current Watch

As of this posting, I have almost 1,500 Instagram followers.

To some that’s a ton. To others, it fails in comparison to the five or six-figure follower count.

Social media algorithms are weird and there’s no way to combat them. But I have learned a thing or two over the last two months:


Posting with hashtags can work to get the “likes” up and maybe some extra followers along the way, but it’s important to return the favor to the other users. Spend some time on Instagram (or Twitter), comment on a post, tag a friend, use Instagram Stories (aka Insta-stories) to show what’s going on on a daily basis with you, your brand, or your company.

For the last month or so, I’ve really started to follow and engage with a lot of the Philly Influencers.

I’ve “liked” their posts, I’ve engaged with their pictures in a professional and inspiring way, and I then tag them on my future posts.

But what is an influencer?

According to DigitalMarketingInstitute.com:

“A social media influencer is a user who has established credibility in a specific industry, has access to a huge audience and can persuade others to act based on their recommendations. An influencer has the tools and authenticity to attract many viewers consistently and can motivate others to expand their social reach. An influencer may be anyone from a blogger to a celebrity to an online entrepreneur. They must simply capitalize on a niche to attain widespread credibility.”


In the big picture, think of the Jenner’s and Kardashian’s. On a much more local level, there’s an exorbitant amount, from those focusing on food, style, or just everyday use stuff. Someone told me about Philly Influencer Mixer and I started to follow their journey. I’ve yet to attend an event, but I know they have the right connections and want to help others.

These are only a small number of current brands / influencers / photographers I’ve been following and interacting with:

I’ve learned a lot over my lifetime and have learned even more over the last year.

I’m learning what works, what doesn’t, and a ton of other tools and tricks of the trade.

This page will eventually get a name change as I get a real domain and make this site even more official.

I thank you all for reading this and look forward to the next step along this ad(venture)!

Call me crazy, but this song has always been an inspiration to me.