Rookie Matisse is taking Thybulle by its horns.

Okay, pardon the corny headline, but its true. The NBA is officially in its bubble and the Philadelphia 76ers rookie, Matisse Thybulle is documenting his journey in a new YouTube vlog series he’s calling “Welcome to the Bubble”.

In his series, which came out with the third episode last Thursday, he’s videotaping almost every moment of this unique experience, including testing protocol, how the NBA is preparing everything, and even some of the funny mishaps along the way.

Already over 125,000 250,000 subscribers and almost 3,000,000 total views in just about 10 days, Matisse is honestly surprised how it has taken off. I initially tweeted him congratulating him on the great content and editing skills, and by the third episode, he acknowledges he’s doing it himself – all by himself. The LA Times and New York Times have already reached out to him to do some stories, which in and of itself is awesome. As of the publishing of this post, Tuesday the 21st, Good Morning America has covered his story too.

While it looks like JaVale McGee of the Los Angeles Lakers is doing the same thing, the transparency a rookie wants to display is remarkable.

But it got me wondering what businesses have been doing during the last four months? Did they take advantage of everyone being online all the time? Did they pickup any new skills? Have they been putting themselves out there? Did they pivot for the time-being?

Ricky Bobby has said “if you’re not first, you’re last”, but imitation is also the sincerest form of flattery.

Have you taken any chances? Did you pivot? What risks have you been willing to take?

Check out his first episode here: