When The Gang Gets A Bobblehead

In March, everything came to a screeching halt – most notably being sports.

  • NHL and NBA were close to wrapping up their regular seasons and preparing for their respective playoffs.
  • MLS and the NWSL had just started their seasons.
  • MLB was a month into Spring Training and only two and a half weeks from the start of the regular season.
  • NFL was prepping for their draft, which was to take place in Las Vegas.
  • WNBA was prepping for their season.

For over three months, America went nostalgic and watched the best of the best games from years past and the only live sports we got to watch were from the Korean Baseball Organization (the KBO), which ESPN aired live after midnight with commentators at their own homes.

Then, the NWSL announced a comeback, MLS announced a tournament in a “bubble”, WNBA made a plan to have their season, and both NHL and NBA announced a re-start to finish the 2019-2020 season in a “bubble” as well. It took a little bit longer for MLB to come to an agreement – between owners and players – to find a middle ground on money and games. At times it got ugly and publicly ugly.

But we knew one thing – there would be no fans at these games whatsoever.

Philadelphia fans are like no other – passionate, loud, dedicated. Even if we can’t get to a game, we’ll find a way to get to the game.

The Phandemic Krew – which was a group of fans who went to every game this season (all 60) and showed their support with banners, airhorns, ladders, cheers, boos, and so on. A constant cheer was “Sign JT!” as JT Realmuto is up for free agency at the end of the season and the Phillies have yet to sign him. It grew to have sometimes 50 or so fans at the games, socially distant, and enjoying Phillies baseball.

Why did Oscar Alvarado and Brett MacMinn start the Krew?

“We’re trying to change the narrative of what a Philadelphia sports fan is,” MacMinn said. “We get a bad rap for stuff that happened much before we were even around. We’re trying to change how we are perceived locally and nationally. We invite everybody to hang out with us.”


Early in the season, Yankees skipper, Aaron Boone (son of Phillies catcher Brett Boone), was disgusted and agitated that the Krew was using airhorns as the Yankees were batting. He tried to have the ump throw them out… but they were already outside of the stadium!

The Krew decided to come up with some rules to abide by:

All fans new to the Krew, was greeted by Oscar and Brett right away and given the rundown of the group’s rules.

  1. Wear a mask at all times. The top priority is keeping fans safe. (even providing masks to those who didn’t bring any)
  2. Clean up your trash. MacMinn provides a trash can and takes it out himself every game.
  3. No blowing the air horns while a pitch is being thrown. Noise is encouraged as long as it’s not disruptive to the game.

ESPN, Fox Sports, and other channels pointed out the dedicated fans almost every game.

Last week, Joe Girardi, Phillies Manager, sent the Krew a bunch of pizzas for their support, but then FOCO and the Phillies went above and beyond anything this bunch of fans could’ve even imagined.

They created a bobblehead, yes a bobblehead, for the Krew in their honor. 10% of proceeds will go to Phillies Charities, Inc. , but how amazing is it to get your own bobblehead?!

The price is $60, but in all actuality, it’s priceless.

via twitter.com/phillies

Now FOCO did leave out the “Sign JT!” sign but I think we can let that pass.

You could sign up for pre-sale here, but they’re already sold out! We are the best fans in baseball.

Have you ever had your own bobblehead created?

From the Sept 8th doubleheader against the Boston Red Sox

They’ll continue inside or out of the stadium next year but give them a follow on social!