Calling All Gritizens

America’s favorite two year old needs our help.

Gritty, the Philadelphia Flyers mascot, is looking for e-signatures to make him essential to attend games this season. Mascots are usually there to entertain fans on the concourse, in the stands, or during stoppages of play, but without fans in attendance, why should there be a mascot there? And the answer is simple:


Here’s his petition to National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman:

In Gritty’s two years, he’s come out swinging on Twitter, dropping from the rafters ( on numerous occasions ), and making people laugh with his antics and his extra costumes. He’s made fans across the world, even if they weren’t Flyers fans. Even during the Return to Play, he attempted to drive to Toronto, Canada to go to the “bubble”, but ended up in Ohio.

Not only do we need Gritty, Gritty needs us, so he took to Twitter for a thread that ended with the petition. Sign it here.

Here’s a couple of the tweets where he also makes his case:

Be sure to check out the rest of the thread.

Flyers forward and Gritty’s BFF adds his support to getting Gritty in.

If content is king, then Gritty is the king of the kingdom.

UPDATE (12/23):

Allow him to reign appropriately.

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