Phillies-Giants Series are going streaming

If you’re a Phillies or San Francisco Giants fan living in those respective cities, you won’t be finding a baseball game on your normal local NBC Sports channel this weekend.

That’s because they’re headed to Peacock for another initiative brought forth by MLB.

If you weren’t aware, there have been several MLB games exclusively on YouTube this year – with special guest play-by-play hosts from YouTube and color commentators from the local markets.


The series will be called by a special announcing team combining the broadcasters from both teams. Giants announcer Jon Miller will call the play-by-play, and Giants analyst Mike Krukow and Phillies analysts John Kruk and Jimmy Rollins will team up alongside him.

The game coverage will also have additional special features and guests, and there will be pregame coverage before every game.

If you’re an Xfinity TV subscriber, you already have access to Peacock Premium on your TV (and can use the app for free too).

If you’re not an Xfinity subscriber, you can still sign up and watch for free at

Will this be the future of games – airing only on streaming services?

What are your thoughts? Share ’em below!

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