What’s In A Name?

Blockbuster-Sony Music Entertainment Centre (aka the E-Centre)

Tweeter Center

Susquehanna Bank Center

BB&T Pavilion

Waterfront Music Pavilion (temporary)

In the business world, some companies thrive, some fold, get bought out, or they merge with another company. However, there are instances where they inherit all the previous company had, including all locations and naming rights.

And then the new company needs to make a decision: what do we do with these new assets?

In the case of naming rights, a lot of companies, especially the banks, financial institutions and tech companies, just take over the naming rights. Example: in Philadelphia, it was the CoreStates Center, then First Union Center, Wachovia Center, and now Wells Fargo Center. Each bank was ultimately bought out by the next.

In San Francisco, the Giants have played in Pacific Bell Park, SBCPark, and then AT&T Park. Again, the naming rights transferred with each acquisition.

There are instances, however, where it’s mutually decided to find a new sponsor. AT&T allowed the Giants to end their partnership a year early if they could find a new sponsor. Oracle came into the picture after the Golden State Warriors left their arena.

These contracts are typically expensive and for many, many years. You’ll find only a handful of stadiums / arenas across all major sports that don’t have a sponsor in the name (Yankee Stadium, Fenway, Lambeau, etc).

Okay, now back to Camden.

BB&T Bank was bought out by Truist and they mutually agreed to not extend the deal. For now, the amphitheater will have a generic name as it looks for a new sponsor. According to a venue spokesman, “Live Nation is currently looking for a new naming rights sponsor and is using Waterfront Music Pavilion in the interim.”

Companies based in Camden or Philly could step up: Campbells? Subaru? Aramark?

Some people will still call it the E-Center or even the Tweeter Center, but it’ll definitely get a new name soon.

Let’s just hope any of the merch from the acts coming to the area just have either “Camden” or “Philadelphia” on their respective dates.

Do you have an arena or venue you still call by its old name – even if it hasn’t been that name in at least 10 years?