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Introducing the Washington Commanders

There’s a lot that goes into a rebrand: time, money, focus groups, trademarks, etc. 18 months later, for the most part, especially the uniforms, Washington did a great job.

My Personal 9/11 Story – 20 Years Later

I wrote this story on Facebook roughly 8 years ago, shared it a couple years back, but felt it was a good time to re-share on the 20th anniversary of the attacks that changed America. I’ve updated a little bit of it with dates… Continue Reading “My Personal 9/11 Story – 20 Years Later”

Phillies-Giants Series are going streaming

If you’re a Phillies or San Francisco Giants fan living in those respective cities, you won’t be finding a baseball game on your normal local NBC Sports channel this weekend. That’s because they’re headed to Peacock for another initiative brought forth by MLB. If… Continue Reading “Phillies-Giants Series are going streaming”

Say hi to “X-Rated Kissing Machine” and “Drizzlin’ Flamenco Baton.”

The end of January through February is almost always a great time in the entertainment world – the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, the Oscars, the Grammys, the Golden Globes, the Super Bowl (game and commercials), and most importantly – the Bad Lip Reading video… Continue Reading “Say hi to “X-Rated Kissing Machine” and “Drizzlin’ Flamenco Baton.””

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. May we all find joy, peace, and happiness this holiday season. Attached are some of my favorite Christmas light displays that I’ve seen this year. -Michael Saks Digital