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Hindsight is 2020

Everyone looked towards 2020 as a new beginning – with jokes about the show 20/20 with Barbara Walters, having clear vision, and so on.

But 2020 was anything but normal, with bad things happening by the day.

Yo Dog – This Bud’s For You

Budweiser wants to make your dog a cele-puppy (get it? Celebrity! –awkward silence–). Anyway… Budweiser has partnered with WeRateDogs, a social media account with 8.9 MILLION Twitter followers, and will be picking photos at random shared to their social media pages to be put… Continue Reading “Yo Dog – This Bud’s For You”

Helping Small Businesses This Holiday Season

In November, I asked friends to post their small businesses or side-hustles to a thread on Facebook. The results were overwhelming. In order to make things easier for everyone, I have attached a list of small businesses currently in my network who can help… Continue Reading “Helping Small Businesses This Holiday Season”

Instagram Wants To Take It Back To The Beginning

Instagram tweeted this cryptic message Tuesday morning. A cool Easter egg feature to help celebrate Instagram’s 10th birthday is allowing users to change the icon on their cell phone’s home screen to any previous iteration of Instagram’s logo or to something not-yet-seen before. It’s… Continue Reading “Instagram Wants To Take It Back To The Beginning”

When The Gang Gets A Bobblehead

In March, everything came to a screeching halt – most notably being sports. NHL and NBA were close to wrapping up their regular seasons and preparing for their respective playoffs. MLS and the NWSL had just started their seasons. MLB was a month into… Continue Reading “When The Gang Gets A Bobblehead”