My focus is to help you get the word out the right way and not spend unnecessary dollars.

In order to make money, you need to spend money – but you don’t need to spend it the wrong way. I want to sit down with you and your business to maximize the dollars you spend.

Website Design

Let me help create an easy-to-use website for your customers or clients to navigate

Digital Marketing

Social media marketing and Google Analytics will help drive people to your site and your business.

Create a Podcast

Ever wanted to create a podcast about something you’re passionate about? Want a way to broadcast your business that goes straight into your target market’s feed?


Photos do remarkably well on websites and social media platforms. Cell phone pictures work well, but professional cameras work even better.

I developed a high regard for Michael while we worked together at Ark Ideas. He always worked with purpose and was always dedicated to getting the job done. I could always rely on Mike when it came to accomplishing department goals or collaborating on projects. He also excels at creative brainstorming and finding new approaches to make daily tasks more efficient. As a person who worked with Mike day in and day out, I highly recommend him as a team member and coworker!

Allison Gauthier

Let’s get digital