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We’re Going Streaming!

Well Philadelphians and those on the north side of Chicago – prepare for a double whammy this weekend. Apple has Friday’s game and Peacock has Sunday’s game. NBC Sports Philadelphia and Marquee Sports Network will have Saturday’s game, like normal.

Phillies-Giants Series are going streaming

If you’re a Phillies or San Francisco Giants fan living in those respective cities, you won’t be finding a baseball game on your normal local NBC Sports channel this weekend. That’s because they’re headed to Peacock for another initiative brought forth by MLB. If… Continue Reading “Phillies-Giants Series are going streaming”

When The Gang Gets A Bobblehead

In March, everything came to a screeching halt – most notably being sports. NHL and NBA were close to wrapping up their regular seasons and preparing for their respective playoffs. MLS and the NWSL had just started their seasons. MLB was a month into… Continue Reading “When The Gang Gets A Bobblehead”

America’s Next Top Phanatic

In an hour or so, the Phillie Phanatic will be showing off his new look. When Jim Salisbury, from NBC Sports Philadelphia put out the story the other day, all of Philadelphia went nuts. “Why change a classic?” was the typical question, well complaint.… Continue Reading “America’s Next Top Phanatic”