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Instagram Wants To Take It Back To The Beginning

Instagram tweeted this cryptic message Tuesday morning. A cool Easter egg feature to help celebrate Instagram’s 10th birthday is allowing users to change the icon on their cell phone’s home screen to any previous iteration of Instagram’s logo or to something not-yet-seen before. It’s… Continue Reading “Instagram Wants To Take It Back To The Beginning”

Physically Socially Distance Yourself But Not From Social Media

We’re in unprecedented times. This is a phrase that’s been repeated ad nauseam over the last few weeks, but it’s true. Counties and cities are becoming even more locked-down as time goes on. People being forced to work from home. People being forced to… Continue Reading “Physically Socially Distance Yourself But Not From Social Media”


Who doesn’t love a free gift card?

Social Media Shortage: White Claw and Popeyes Weren’t Ready

Summer 2019 was defined by two food crazes: White Claw and Popeye’s chicken sandwich.

Our Attention Spans are…Squirrel!

Social Media fads are coming and going. Are we thinking before we do these fads or do we just not care?