Change Will You Do Good

I was trying to think of a good topic to write about tonight, but on the eve of NFL Free Agency, something clicked.

Change will do you good.

The “legal tampering” period over the last few days showed quite a few high profile players sign with other teams, leaving the teams they’ve either excelled with or spent their entire careers with.

The mind-blowing trade was Odell Beckham, Jr. getting traded to the Cleveland Browns from the New York Giants. It was no secret that the Giants were shopping Odell, but for them to pull the trigger, it was unexpected.

Change will do you good.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or just a professional, staying where you are can be a good thing, as long as both sides are succeeding. If the opportunity to grow yourself professionally comes along and you’re given the opportunity, sometimes the change will do you good.

It might be weird to go to a place you’ve never known before.

It might be weird to make new friends, new teammates, or new co-workers.

It might be weird to see your name tag, ID card, or jersey in a different color.

Bettering yourself though, is not weird.

A change will you do good.

Take it home, Sheryl Crow

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